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Confidence (prod. Know​-​It)

by Sam Nabi

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Thanks to Know-It for giving the world such a sweet beat tape and letting me jump on a track. beatsbyknow-it.bandcamp.com/album/the-transplant-beat-tape-2


One, you try to control me
Two, you don't even know me
Three to get ready, four to go
And I'm five-and-0 against old fiends
Hold me before I go getting lonely
Man is not an island but if I was I'd be Coney
Corn dogs, ring toss, go-karts, wing sauce
Leave me there in the theme park
Neon dreaming, I'll recharge
I can see in the deep dark
Breathe hard, keep a cool head so I don't catch a fever
All that stuff in your suitcase
Coming up with these new games
Emperors with new clothes try to save face
But it's too late
What're you casing the building?
What're you playing the villain?
What're you faking your feelings?
Sit, sit
So what I stole that Doja flow, so comatose
You step too close, I'll throw you off, so Home Alone
I play the hand I was dealt so well, no sleeves needed
Feed me Seymour, give the dentist a deep cleaning
Get me revved up when I'm half-drunk in the backyard
I rap hard when I want but happy to talk trash in a cash bar
Fast cars, I don't got 'em, scratch cards in the lotto
Lotta folks hope for a windfall when they're at rock bottom
Fuck a role model, I'm my own follower, no father
Well I had one, but he's gone now so like why bother?
Tried to play me like, wow, I am the cat, you are the mouse
I am the hound, you are the grouse, I am 5K, you are the couch
Wait a minute, let me deconstruct this image
Let me redefine how record dealers say you'll get a million
There's a lot of folks whose palms you need to grease before they fleece you
Leave you out in the cold like, thanks, it was nice to meet you
I'm not about that live fast die young
I'll be running circles 'round the sun for a while, hun
My work is never done, it has seasons
Believe me, I would rather live cold than die freezing

A lot of haters try to throw you off your game
There's just one way to prove them wrong
Is to have the self confidence to keep going

Run it back

Cool Hand, Lukewarm, fight the man well that's too foreign
Write demands on a coupon like, give me double or I'll sue for it
Give me trouble and true to form, there's a bad review for your new store
I can play with that food porn or make amends with a two-four
I'm making moves, yeah, I'm riding on confidence
I'm making gains upon gains like a rocketship
I gotta play with this frame, let me crop that shit
I don't blame anyone, I'm just an optimist
Fuck an apocalypse, Snuffleupagus taught me this
Folks won't believe in you easily, the problem is
If they're not ready to hear the truth
You might as well drop it and wait 'til it's obvious
See, I don't get set back, I just get set up for writing more fetch tracks
Mean Girls gon' get that, nice guys come dead last
I try to just feel good and get ready to bounce back
Get ready to bounce back
How's that for having to watch my back when I spout facts?
How's that for counting on passing when you just cut class?
How's that for bragging 'bout crystals, they only cut glass
How's that? You fake it 'til you make it out, run fast
Yeah I caught that, we're all in this game, don't try to talk smack
Don't say things that you know you'll have to just walk back
Keeping you honest, no props for that off-the-rack
Keep the rivalry real and see which of us stops last

Stay real


released July 1, 2020
Produced by Know-It


all rights reserved



Sam Nabi Kitchener, Ontario

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