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Out of Body

by Sam Nabi

Motives 03:33
I'm about growing up and breaking bad habits The only Fast Car you'll see me rockin' is Chapman's I used to look up to Em and Breaking Bad actors But that's not me, now I'm making my own magic I'm too earnest, can't hide my reaction Truth hurts, so if you're in the mood to keep askin' No, I won't pull any punches or backflips Does that mean that I'm the bad guy? What happened? Wait up, what's your motivation? I see cats with all the aesthetics but no patience Don't just let your backing track do the talking, say something Okay hun? You flash in the pan or are you a great one? You see, they all follow me but I don't follow them Follow me? I'm no epidemiologist But if they wanna go viral like some unprotected college kids Hey, I just want my idols to acknowledge this Look, are you innocent or just ill-equipped? Well, we found us a predicament — resurface and swim again Don't act like you're heaven-sent, you're just like the rest of them Think you need to rent a van to get out your adrenaline? Settle in — Don't you give me that sentiment You can be a better man, you can keep it relevant Start testing your friends, some need to be jettisoned Yeah, check your ego at the door and don't you let it in I got lucky, I can be precious with my art I've had it simmering for years, when I go in I hit the mark You know I never met a mic I didn't like and in the bars I got the whole room rapt like a house of God Holding on to ego can make you trip Trying to spit a compliment like acid from your lips Stop trying so hard to look hard, kid You'll be out of breath quick if you only attempt sprints Yeah, any way you cut it I have my cake and I eat it too The measure of success is I can take the crowd and shape the mood Pen-to-paper practice makes me greater, I won't wait up For the rest to catch their breath anytime soon This art is all hot air over wax, burning both ends Like feeling around in the dark then strike a match so potent Some of y'all spit fire like low-quality votives I focus on burning true and seeing through where the smoke is
Weary 03:31
Drowsy-eyed, I pull my shoulders back from a crooked line Look at my reflection and order myself to look alive Slouch again like all of my energy went and took a ride Liquor shelf is empty, I sip the last of the cooking wine I'm recognizing I can't always play the mastermind Some days I want to put my brain away to pass the time Try to find a revelation, maybe play The Book of Ryan Lose myself in the flow, sit back and hear the master rhyme (A change of scenery's nice) A change of scenery's nice, go for a walk Circle the block and rediscover sights I forgot Humans so goopy, scratching out loose-leaf thoughts Take advantage of that spark when opportunity knocks But I've been absent-minded, skipped a continuity shot And I find myself in the back of the community park I've got a bad buzz, need to find a route through the fog It's like I'm riding out a twister and the roof's coming off (uh) (Can you feel it?) (It's been a while) (Do you feel it?) It's been a while since this well filled with the real stuff Living up on the moon like monochrome was the filter Feeling too light like a cut flower that wilted I stopped wasting away when I started to build up Disoriented, I see new worlds in my backyard A pinch of sedatives and a random walk under night stars Motivation is hard and so is patience in art I hold a space in my heart for pen and paper to start They're like, "When's the album out?" — Behind on my plans I don't want to get stuck playing catch-up for the gram Records don't go as far now as they did then And if you take a hiatus then you're out of the top ten (see ya) Goldfish memories want a new spin on the same Always new shit, feeding the algorithm your name The new me is gonna take more than a copy/paste I'm through, rather nurture my embers than chase a flame
Interlude 01:39
I haven't seen you in a long while We've changed It's... different now (Changed how?) When the urgency took hold Our worlds became smaller Shrinking as the ground Shifted beneath our feet Spending each day calculating And re-calculating Chances of survival When you wake up in a different reality Of course you change I abandoned all that wouldn't keep me alive Then realised I could only live like that for so long Of course I'm a new person Since we last spoke You and I have aged A generation We return to landmarks that have become memories How do we carry on after such a rupture? To think of this time as a cycle repeating would be wrong It overlooks the freshly buried Front-line heroes, martyred for capital So here we are Through no fault of our own Standing on yet more bones Beneath the rubble Of the places we loved Our renaissance can be different Everything has changed (Changed how?) We are here again Together You've shed your old skin But I still know your face I hope you can recognize mine
Out of Body 02:31
Sly like Rizzo, fly like Lizzo I'll always follow you, the H to my Izzo Put me in my place once, ain't no playing reruns More important than my day ones That's what craving fame does Takes you out of body Probably thinking too many steps ahead You lost me If we're on the same building, same floor It's on me to keep my head up heading out my front door (You got me) Revel in the present, treasure every second Instead of second-guessing how to seem more impressive When she's with me I don't let the stress in Savoury like sourdough avocado with blue cheese dressing No question, she's really my best friend You know we go together up on the guest list So if you're thinking of showing feelings, confess it Silence is golden but honesty's a blessing Love like sand to Ozymandias Nestled in your heat, the world forgets me You cover my ego with abandon Let the sun beat down, we're free now, I can't sleep Best days are ahead of us now Haven't had a worry since you found me Surround me — I went from standing tall and mute To being carried far and wide by you I thought I had to solve all the world's problems Preoccupied being the responsible one I'm not making it about me if I'm trying to help, right? I still wanted all the accolades and the spotlight You came along and you set my thoughts right Took my head down from a thundercloud on a dark night You take no prisoners, make room for the little things Grow love, erode the stone and stop chiselling
Can't Chill 02:47
(I just can't chill, man) Is it okay to just like the attention Tell me it's okay to sit back and not have to unpack all of our friendship University ruined me, can't chill Can't stop overanalysing, brooding in scrutiny Voice in my head says keep your friends close Take every interaction and run it through the microscope I don't know — Vetting every moment Getting ready to call out foul motives Laser-focused, can't let go I'm letting my academic brain get in the way There's no seminar course made to replace Learning all of someone's ugly and leaving yourself open Knowing only God can judge and we'll get through it okay When did problematic become radioactive? Activism's a practice, not a fashion or tactic Building a connection takes time and I'll make mine matter I've got to get out of this bad habit I gotta get out of this bad habit I'm learning to pick my battles and let some slide Can't keep feeling cornered for the rest of my life At the bottom of a rabbit-hole, thinking I'm the oracle But really, I just kept digging away from the light I'm coming armed with facts to a culture war Thinking I'll leave them all with their jaws on the floor But no one wants a debate, they just want to chill out Looking at me like, what're you bringing politics for? If you want the revolution but won't do the dishes You'll never be a great leader 'til you throw a good picnic Listen, if someone said that they'd grant three wishes I'd want trust, joy, and the will to see what's missing Once those get going the rest comes easy You wouldn't even need me, it's peachy Imagine not treating life as a threat to be tested Imagine being present instead of projecting


Out of Body is about gently releasing our inhibitions, erasing self-imposed restraints, stepping out into a world that is forever changed and yet still wants us back, somehow.

We’ve been locked down for so long we’ve forgotten how to be open to one another. As we crawl out of our apartments into bars, clubs, and house shows again, this album doesn’t demand anything of you. It’s here to welcome you back into the fold. It doesn’t expect a grand reunion: it’s content to just catch your eye from across the room.


released December 31, 2021

Produced by Sovren (sovren.bandcamp.com)
Photography by Ryan Antooa (ryanantooa.com)

Artwork generated by machine learning (VQGAN + CLIP) using lyrics as prompts


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Sam Nabi Kitchener, Ontario


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