Loose Ends

by Sam Nabi

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released September 1, 2013




Sam Nabi Kitchener, Ontario

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Track Name: Must Be More
I can't take this pervasive anxiousness
So I take caffeine to calm me down
My heart is racing as my two feet are pacing
As if they have minds of their own

And life must be more than chasing after the day before
Would the world stop turning if I just collapsed
And stopped returning calls? ... Not at all

Another sunrise hits me like no tomorrow
I've got my head full to the brim
Twenty-four hours of time I'd like to borrow
Oh God, what have I landed in?

It's a long way out
If I have to walk around
The bridges that I burned down

And life must be more than running towards a closing door
Would I stop progressing if I backed away
From second-guessing? No!
On with the show

It's no surprise, then, that my blood pressure's rising
With every falling of the moon
I'll go to sleep and dream memories worth keeping
But then tomorrow comes too soon
Track Name: The Flood
It's a cold blue light
Coming off of the water in the middle of the night
Birds take flight
And I'm sitting on the moon rocks at the edge of the world tonight

Clouds drift in
And settle on the water, inviting me to swim
One by one
I leave my earthly burdens on the shore and I take the plunge

All the earth stood still
For forty days the water came
Rolling down the hill
And the hand of God made man so deliriously curious
For something solid ground couldn't fill

Far from shore
Deep in Gitche Gumee on the sandy-bottomed floor
Shipwrecks lay
A testament to foolish heads who thought they could tame the waves

I turn my ear
The melancholy tune of the loon song flutters near
Free at last
Mother Nature's got me in her icy cold caress

I close my eyes
And float among the moon rocks with my face towards the sky
A calm release
As the floodwaters keep rising and my soul, it can rest in peace
Track Name: One And Only
I had a dream about you last night, darling
You said, "I love you"; I said, "Beg your pardon?"
Not 'cause I didn't love you back; I just have a hearing problem

And every time I see your bright eyes shining
It's a mystery to me how I'm in
Good with you, oh I could not be more delighted

All our dreams are coming into reality
Take your time, we can spend another evening by the fireside

'Cause when the snow begins to pile up slowly
And you and I are lying nice and cosy
You say despite all my defects that I'm still your one and only

And when we walk beneath the stars at twilight
The whole universe is ours to make right
Me and you are going to prove them wrong tonight

The heavens live and die and turn to stardust
And all the planets have aligned 'cause we must
Be entwined with space and time, that's how our hearts crossed
Track Name: Free Fall
What have we here?
A cloudy sky on the verge of tears
And it's been so many years
Since I've been up and struck down again

I taste metal in my mouth
A muffled shout screams, "Let me out!"
And there's no more room for doubt
My debts are coming to seek me out

My past is catching up with me
My pulse is rising and it's harder to breathe
The walls are closing in on me
It's been quite the free fall into this garbage heap

A newborn raccoon
Cries for its mother in the light of the moon
If it hasn't already it'll learn real soon
That turning trash into treasure is the only way left to survive

The days that I miss most
Are those when I had the time to reminisce
All my memories fell in the abyss
I can't look back now lest I lose my grip

What would you say if you could talk to me
Give me advice or throw the book at me
It's all my fault and now I'm wracked with grief
It's been quite the free fall into this garbage heap

Oh, I don't resent it
Everything has got its place
There's time to build cathedrals
And there's time for lack of faith
Track Name: The Town-Ho's Story
Forty hands of able-bodied men were pulling hard
On iron pumps to bring the water up and overboard
A leak had sprung inside the hull, but none could find its source
So day and night, with all their might, they pumped till they were sore

The ship on which these men did toil was of the whaling kind
For one good head of whale-oil could fetch one gold coin or nine
A fearsome task to search the angry seas for such a beast
More fearsome still: the ship's chief mate, whose anger never ceased

Oh, listen to the siren song of the whale
Sing there she blows
We've got three white sails and a timber home
You can't escape your friends or foes

This terror of a man ruled his ship with an iron fist
All under his command would never dare try to resist
Radney was his name, and he would curse and swear and yell
As ugly as a mule, and he kicked like one as well

There was but one man on the ship whom Radney could not rule
A lakeman from upstate New York who'd seen a ship or two
He had a long and flowing beard upon his rugged chin
The shipmates called him Steelkilt, and the name quite suited him

So one day in the afternoon, ol' Radney made his rounds
He overheard a shipmate saying, "Radney should be drowned!
We're risking all our lives by pressing forward with the hunt
We're taking on more water and this ship will soon be sunk!"

Radney came upon the man who spoke the previous threat
Alas, he should have recognized ol' Steelkilt's silhouette
He came right up behind him, took a hammer from his belt
And yelled, "Get back to work boy, this here ship won't bail itself!"

"Now, Radney, don't you threaten me," said Steelkilt with a growl
"Unless you want a mutiny, you'd do best to stand down
Now, we won't lift a finger till you put that thing away
And if you so much as brush my cheek, I'll smash your ugly face!"

And so the men had at it, dancing round each others' feet
Like a barroom boxing match, the shipmates came to see
And before long, a clean right hook from Steelkilt's mighty hand
Took ol' Radney to the floor and he could hardly stand

So the score seemed settled, till the next day after lunch
A mighty whale was spotted and the men forgot their grudge
They were indeed professionals, and when it comes time to hunt
There's no two ways about it: kill a whale, and get your cut

They set aside their rivalry and lowered down a boat
With harpoons raised and eyes ablaze they aimed right for its throat
Radney, leaning forward, went to give the fatal blow
When the great white whale surged forward, bringing both men down below

And so this cautionary tale must come to an end
Where once stood forty now stand thirty-eight young men
Remember boys, before you go out sailing in the blue
Cross yourself and pray that Moby-Dick won't come for you

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