Hello World

by Sam Nabi

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Inspired by my five-month stint in Lausanne, Switzerland, where I spoke a lot of French and ate a lot of fondue.


released July 10, 2011




Sam Nabi Kitchener, Ontario

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Track Name: Hello World
Let's turn out the lights in this city
And let the sky shine alone
Hello world, you've been covered up by the sounds
Of a million neon bulbs
Let's put one foot forward
And walk all along this country road
Until the concrete gives way to lush green pastures
And mountains topped with snow

Anything that you could ever want or need
Is vacuum-sealed, waiting on a shelf
I'll take a two-four of Corona and some rosary beads
And here's some empties, now give me my indulgence please

Pretty paper parcels packaged up with string
Sitting on rows of shelves, these are my favourite things
I checked my ethics at the door to get a shopping cart
This is a hold up, your life or your credit card


We always point the finger at invisible hands
Like we're not part of the problem, well there's supply and demand
So stop blaming the man, we're half of the reason this land
Has household debt up to our necks 'cause of these payment plans

Twenty-six monthly instalments of $19.95
It'll be just fine, my interest rate's subprime
I've got my life savings in gold stocks, and they're bound to climb
You see, playing the market gives me the ultimate high


Give me five more minutes, I don't want to get up yet
Give me five more minutes, I just need to cash this cheque
Give me five more minutes, I've got some more cash to spend
Give me five more minutes so I can get a cash advance

Track Name: Tout de même
Tombé dans un rêve encore
Tout est nouveau, mon coeur bat fort
Le monde autour de moi m'échappe
Je suis observateur mais je veux leur connaître

Une forteresse à trois niveaux
La barrière de langue est le plus haut
En plus, je suis arrivé en retard
Ils avaient des années pour solidifier leurs forts

Mais j'ai dit qu'il y avait trois
La dernière elle est dedans moi
La peur m'attend au rez-de-chaussé
Il faut courir et me lancer

Tout de même dans ce système
Inconnu, imprévu
D'abord je me hausse et commence à grimper
Et les murs qui m'empêchaient commencent à tomber

Je me prépare à m'introduire
Un pas en avant et un soupir
En approchant j'oublie les mots
"Bonjour, comment t'appelles-tu?" "Moi, je ne sais pas trop..."

Track Name: Stitching the Sky
You know those airplanes in the night sky
Well they be writing messages in straight lines
Direct delivered from the clouds to your eyes
Before they disappear at the speed of light

Woah, hold up now, let me take a minute of your time
And tell you what I see inside of my mind
When all those jumbo jets are crossing the sky
I throw a wish up on there and I hold tight

Chorus 1:
Stitching the sky together
Where it was torn apart by the weather
Stitching the sky together
It ain't so big when you're thirty thousand feet better

And I just feel it's one of those times
When ideologies and planets align
So hold a hand out for your neighbour to climb
Up into real brotherhood, 'cause it's time, it's time to start

Chorus 2:
Stitching our lives together
Where we were torn apart by whatever
Stitching our lives together
It ain't so bad when you've got someone to make it better

Rain falls on rich and poor alike
God sends out blessing as well as
Lightning bolts out of nowhere
That set a life alight
We can try to hide
Or find rebirth in the embers tonight, tonight, tonight

(chorus 1 & 2)
Track Name: The Courts are Closed on Sundays
So this is how it feels
To be put on show trial
I'm here in the dock, waiting for the verdict
My mind's a blur, a perfect storm of futile arguments

I look at the crowd
They're foaming at the mouth
A jury of old friends, who turned their backs and turned me in
Throwing stones and insults at me and my sin

And I can't believe that it's come to this
I'm hung out to dry with my hands clenched up tight into fists
I never knew that those words you used were just platitudes
I guess the Good Word isn't good news to you
I'll give you my coat and my shoes so you can walk a mile or two

Take a walk in my shoes and I will do the same for you
And if they don't fit, we'll get blisters, that's the point of it
Oh, you've changed but the irony's the same
What is love without a face or a name?

Guilty as charged
I'm falling apart
My world topples over, an angry God Jehovah
Stands unrecognizable like Byzantine art

Daggers of light
Pierce into my eyes
From stained glass projections, coloured by a charlatan
Hiding the true sunlight that God Himself sent


Your conditions, traditions, and short-sighted visions
Your religion makes Love a bad name

Track Name: La vie est belle
Étourdi à la fin d'une longue nuit
On a raté le dernier train à Prilly
Aujourd'hui on a fait des amis
À l'abri de la pluie au festival de Lutry

On baladait toute la journée
On arrêtait pour un thé au café
Ce matin je ne connaissais pas même ton nom
Mais on finit au match d'hockey, on finit par chanter

Oh-oh-oh la vie est belle
La nuit rafraîchit et les gens s'en vont
Oh-oh-oh tous ceux et celles
Que j'ai rencontré, on se reverrons

Afin d'attendre un quart d'heure vaudois
On passe une nuit blanche dans le Flon samedi soir
Le dernier métro était parti d'avance
Alors il faut attendre le prochain Pyjama


Ce weekend, on se trouve à Verbier
Puisque le ski est le meilleur en Valais
Je suis content que j'ai eu chance d'y aller
Sur le sommet du monde avant que la neige fonde


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